The Parent Coalition increases parents’ skills, knowledge, and participation in early childhood planning and decision-making for the county.

A partner to the Great Start Collaborative, the Great Start Parent Coalition is a group of parents and caregivers dedicated to informing, shaping, and supporting the early childhood work in their community. The Coalition provides training in leadership and advocacy skills to build public support for early childhood investment and a stronger voice for the children in our community, preparing our children for success in school and life.

Great Start Parent Coalition's Little Free Libraries are popping up in the community!!

What We Do

    • We work with parents to equip them with knowledge and skills to be leaders in their families and our community for the benefit of young children.

    • We work with the Great Start Collaborative to provide a “Customer” Perspective to the organizational members, serve as a sounding board to the parent representatives, and lend our support to Collaborative-related efforts.

    • We work with the community, coordinating and participating in outreach activities, public will-building, and advocacy work at the local and state level.

Come to a Parent Coalition meeting!

We come together as a community monthly to learn about various topics important to our work as early childhood parents and providers.

Parent Liaison:

LeeAnn Miller-Busson