WHO: Parents, grandparents, daycare providers, neighbors, uncles, aunts, moms, dads, single parents, parents who home-school, teen parents, anyone and everyone. 

WHEN:    Oct. 26, November 16, December 14, January 25 (6-8pm)            

WHERE:     Thornapple Valley Church, Hastings                                                            

What is the Great Start Parent Coalition?

We are a group of volunteer community members willing to take on leadership roles in the community, advocate for children, and provide perspective and input to the Great Start Collaborative.

The Great Start Parent Coalition (GSPC) works to increase participation in early childhood programs and decision-making for the county. The coalition

  • Strengthens the voice of parents in the community on behalf of young children.
  • ​Assists in building public support for early childhood investment
  • Assists in the Great Start Collaborative strategic planning work
​​To help ensure all Barry County children
have a great start in life. ​​

On-site childcare and dinner is available FREE of charge. Resources are available to reduce barriers parents may have in getting to and from meetings.  

What can I expect at a Parent Coalition Meeting?

  • Discussions of current topics in parenting and early childhood
  • Networking and information sharing with other parents
  • Presentations by local experts
  • Opportunities to be a voice for parents and children by offering feedback to the Great Start Collaborative
  • Free Materials and resources
  • Advocacy opportunities and updates

Barry Great Start Parent Coalition

​2017- 2018 School