​​To help ensure all Barry County children
have a great start in life. ​​

       GSRP Preschool Program Options​

  • School-day Preschool (must operate for at least the same length of day as the school district's/ PSA's first grade program, for at least four days per week, for a minimum of 30 consecutive weeks).
  • GSRP/Head Start Blend Preshool (blending a Part-day GSRP slot and a Part-day Head Start slot to create the funding for a GSRP/Head Start Blend slot for one child, resulting in a full day of preschool programming).

What can I expect from GSRP Preschool?

  1. ​Credentialed teaching staff who focus on the development and learning of each child;
  2. Teachers who partner with parents to support their children's development at school and at home;
  3. ​A classroom with ample space for learning areas that interest children and encourage them to explore and learn;
  4. ​Active learning throughout the day to strengthen what children know and can do;
  5. A daily routine that includes time for children to plan, carry out and talk about their activities, have small and large group activities, outside time, meals, snacks (and rest in full day programs);
  6. A maximum class size of 18, with three adults or 16 with two adults; and
  7. A focus on high-quality learning experiences so that children enter kindergarten prepared for success

Is my child eligible?

Michigan's Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP), established in 1985, provides high-quality preschool education to four year olds.

GSRP eligibility is primarily based on income. Over-income families may be eligible, but may need to pay a fee based on a sliding scale. Please contact Shanon Everett with The Barry Great Start Collaborative for further information.